About Us

Elchanan Vinizky Law Office and Notary is a well known establishment that has provided outstanding legal services for over 40 (forty) years.

The entire staff is legally trained and experienced, to best assist various clients with their legal matters.

The office fields of expertise include:

•    Real estate transactions and real estate tax
•    Collection and execution
•    Receivership
•    Banking law
•    Inheritance law
•    Family law
•    Civil Lawsuits
•    Litigation and court representation
•    Foreign investor representation
•    Property management

The office utilizes the latest technological tools and operates an advanced computer network that is connected to the computers at the main Execution Office.
The firm relies on "Odkanit" software which is designated for legal use and includes unique modules that help manage the office efficiently.
Through the years, many clients have been represented by the office and have benefited from its experience, including: entrepreneurs, contractors, banks, insurance companies, business clients and private clients.